Competitive Market Evaluation Tools for Storage (CES | CoMETS)

August 7, 2014 / News & Updates

CES has launched a new product offering known as CES | CoMets, Competitive Market Evaluation Tools for Storage.  This group is headed by industry experts Judith Judson-McQueeney, Jacqueline DeRosa, and Dr. Rahul Walawalkar.  CoMETS is a suite of products that help technology and project developers evaluate and optimize energy storage for various grid connected, as well as behind the meter, applications.  CES assists our clients to enter and capture opportunities in ever more complex markets with both standard and emerging technology resources.  The growth of intermittent renewable resources on the grid is creating unique opportunities for flexible generation and the addition of flexible storage resources. The world of energy is on the edge of a new technological revolution.

Click below to learn more and email Judith (, Jacquie (, or Rahul ( or call the main number 215-875-9440.

CES OneSheet - CoMET - Final3-ForVIEWING_6-3-14