Customized Energy Solutions, First To Offer Flexible Synchronous Reserves For PJM Demand Response Customers

November 18, 2013 / Press Release


PHILADELPHIA, PA – NOVEMBER 18, 2013–(BUSINESS WIRE)Customized Energy Solutions (CES) is the first market participant to offer Demand Response (DR) resources the ability to participate in the PJM Interconnection Synchronous Reserve (SR) Market as “flexible” resources, which are assigned on a five minute basis versus the traditional one-hour time period for non-flexible resources. “CES’ Market Operations Center (MOC), staffed 24/7 with PJM-qualified operators, includes a fully redundant Siemens PowerCC SCADA system that communicates via dual links to PJM’s Energy Management Systems” remarked Richard Gilkey, Vice President of Demand Response Services. “This system enables us to capture both flexible and non-flexible resource assignments as well as SR event notifications in fractions of a second.”  CES’ system tracks assignments for each flexible DR resource automatically for each five minute interval.  Customers also utilize CES | SecureNet metering and communications technology that relays information and dispatch instructions from our SCADA instantaneously to their resource site.   Customized Energy Solutions (CES) through the use of its CES | GREEN customer-facing platform provides back office DR support services to its clients.  CES | SecureNet can also remote start generation and provide notifications that when connected to customers’ control systems, can instantaneously start a load reduction sequence.

“PJM’s support for demand response in its markets is evidenced by both the growing number of opportunities offered in the PJM markets for demand response and the steadily increasing level of participation by demand response providers in these markets”, states Pete Langbein, Manager of Demand Response.  “Allowing demand response resources the opportunity to participate as both Flexible and Inflexible resources illustrates PJM’s commitment to fair and equitable treatment for all market participants.”

About Customized Energy Solutions:

Customized Energy Solutions was founded in 1998 with headquarters in Philadelphia and regional offices throughout North America and India.   Customized Energy Solutions provides hosted software solutions and market expertise to more than 350 clients throughout the electric and natural gas industry.  Learn more about CES | GREEN and CES | SecureNet  at; follow updates on Twitter: @CustomizedES or on Facebook.

About PJM Interconnection:

PJM Interconnection, founded in 1927, ensures the reliability of the high voltage electric power system serving 61 million people in all or parts of Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia. PJM coordinates and directs the operation of the region’s transmission grid, which includes 62,556 miles of transmission lines; administers a competitive wholesale electricity market; and plans regional transmission expansion improvements to maintain grid reliability and relieve congestion.  Visit PJM at

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