Energy Storage India

March 17, 2015 / Events, News & Updates

India is emerging as one of the largest markets for advanced energy storage and microgrid technologies. There are various drivers such as supply – demand imbalance, need to provide energy access to over 300 million citizens, plan of integrating 100 GW Solar and 60 GW wind  in the grid by 2022, 100 smart cities initiative and national Electric Mobility Mission with target of 6 M EV / HEVs on Indian road by 2020.  CES launched India Energy Storage Alliance in 2012 to create awareness about Energy Storage and Microgrid technologies in India and also provide a platform for global companies to explore  this emerging market. IESA is currently involved in creation of the national energy storage policy framework and series of demonstration projects are expected to get launched in coming months in India. IESA ( is inviting companies from around the globe to join this transition of making India a global hub for adoption as well as manufacturing of energy storage & microgrid technologies. IESA will be hosting 3rd international conference and expo “ Energy Storage India” in New Delhi during Dec 7th-9th, 2015.

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