India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) conferred with Independent Power Producers Association of India (IPPAI) Award

November 6, 2017 / News & Updates, Press Release

For Immediate release:

Pune, India: India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) has been conferred with the Independent Power Producers Association of India (IPPAI) Award in the category of Innovative Initiative in Energy Storage 2017 at its 18th Regulators & Policymakers Retreat.

The eminent Jury consists of Prof SL Rao (Former Chairman, CERC), Dr Pramod Deo (Former Chairman, CERC), Mr. Ajay Shankar (Former Secretary, Dept of Industrial Policy and Promotion), Mr HL Bajaj  (Former Member, Appellate Tribunal for Electricity), Mr. Rakesh Nath (Former Member, Appellate Tribunal for Electricity) and others.

The IPPAI Power Awards acknowledges the remarkable contributors in the entire spectrum of the Indian Power Sector. Over the years, it has gained significance in the sector as one of the most prestigious awards. The annual IPPAI Power Awards is a celebration and acknowledgment of the achievements in the Indian power and energy sector as part of the 18th Regulators & Policymakers Retreat 2017.

Commenting on the recognition, Dr. Rahul Walawalkar, Executive Director, IESA, said, “Today, India is recognized as the fastest growing large economy and is poised for rapid adoption of advanced energy storage technologies. Energy storage has almost 20 different applications in India such as renewable integration, grid ancillary services, diesel minimization, micro grids for energy access and campuses as well as electric vehicles. India should be the global manufacturing hub of advance energy storage technologies to catalyze the electricity market in South East Asia.

To create the platform for energy storage application for Indian Energy Sector, Customized Energy Solutions launched IESA in 2012 to accelerate adoption of energy storage and micro grids in India. We are pleased to receive this award and would like to take this opportunity to thank the IPPAI for the honor and to our members and partners for their continuous support”. IESA’s vision is to make India a global leader in adoption of energy storage, micro grids and EVs. For growth of the industry, IESA launched initiatives such as:

1. MICRO – Micro grid Initiative for Campus and Rural Opportunities: IESA have set a goal of reducing cost of electricity from micro grids in India by 30% to 50% in the next 3 years and are working to bring together various stakeholders to achieve this dream. Phase 1 of the initiative focuses on energy access for remote communities and Phase 2 will focus on the campus micro grids.

2. CES-Global Energy Storage Index: This is a sectorial index for global energy storage market and is developed by Customized Energy Solutions. It is designed to track the energy storage industry comprising technology manufacturers, energy storage solutions providers, raw material providers, component suppliers and power electronics companies. This Index includes companies from across the globe including USA, China, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, India and Canada etc.

3. India Energy Storage Database (IESDB): IESDB is a database of energy storage and micro grid projects as well as manufacturing, recycling and EV charging stations in India. This is currently under BETA test, and we are working with IESA members to populate useful data to show the status of energy storage industry in India.

4. IESA academy (Skill development initiative): IESA is working with select industry associations such as IEEMA and top research universities such as VJTI, TERI and GERMI to address need for training and skill development for the sector. IESA in association with IEEMA launched a unique program me on advanced energy storage technologies and manufacturing process. The first at Mumbai on 17-18th Nov 2017.

5. MOVE: this is a new initiative to help India move towards Vehicle electrification and build a robust ecosystem for EV manufacturing. IESA will be working with various stakeholders in the mobility sector to address barriers and focus on the aspects related to batteries for EVs and charging infrastructure.

IESA is continuously working to promote energy storage manufacturing in India through various global platforms across the year. This week, Dr. Rahul Walawalkar, Executive Director, IESA will be speaking at Energy Storage Japan conference and would be inviting Japanese conglomerates to enter the Indian market.

About India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA):

The India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) was launched in 2012 to assess the market potential of Energy Storage Technologies in India, through an active dialogue and subsequent analysis among the various stakeholders to make the Indian industry and power sector aware of the tremendous need for Energy Storage in the very near future. IESA aims to make India a Global Hub for research and manufacturing of advanced energy storage technologies by 2020. During past years IESA membership has grown from 5 to 70+ and covers verticals from Energy Storage Manufacturers, Research institutes & universities, Renewable Energy companies and Power electronics companies. IESA website:

For more information on IESA please contact Debi Prasad Das ( or Swati Gantellu (

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